Congratulations.  You will be receiving a very valuable health scan.

Health scans are one of the best preventative measures you can take.  All health issues show up first in the energy field.  By remedying the issue early – and it many never need to manifest on a physical, mental or emotional level.  For health issues which have manifest, the scan provides very valuable information for the most effective approach to dealing with the issue.

I will be doing the scan using two processes.  The first are your responses to the questionnaire shown below.  Complete this to the best of your ability.

The second is by scanning your aura and entire energy field and energy bodies.  I’ll be looking for congestion or depletion in all areas as well as balance throughout all energy centres (minor and major chakras).  This scanning can be done locally or at a distance.  Both are equally effective.  Space is not a factor here.

I’ll give you feedback on the results.

Please complete the following questionnaire and send it in.  All information will be kept confidential unless you state otherwise.

Have a Great Day,

Marilee Goheen

p.s.  I have taught these scanning techniques to hundreds of students and used them effectively for over 20 years.



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