Lisa Talesnick   Jerusalem, Israel / Vernon, Canada
Peace Studies/Journalist, Teacher

Co-creator: All Nations Café  &  Childrens’ Peace Camp

Business owner,   Translator .

I have been grateful all week for the healing.
I feel free from things that were holding me back. I felt free to open up with you, like I was just with "Marjah" [inner spirit] and you, I felt no difference.
I haven't been able to meditate properly for years, today I sat down, went to my peaceful place I felt with you and meditated.  What a gift you have shared with me.  I'm happy and overjoyed.


Cheryl Stump 
Wellness Administration Okanagan Nation Alliance,
West Kelowna, B C             

I  received Pranic Healing from Marilee Goheen on a regular basis during a water born stomach virus crisis.  Pranic healing proved to immediately relieve me of my fever and nausea symptoms.

Her feedback and treatment was accurately confirmed  by my health professional test results.  I have found her treatment very beneficial for my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical stability.

I always enjoy the relaxing and spiritual experience of her treatments.



 Dr. Ursula    
Okanagan, BC

The sessions I experienced with Marilee were extremely useful in shedding light on current issues as well as giving insight into future considerations.

Marilee has a gift for accessing information that is useful for personal development and inner growth.  She intuitively feels the best way to approach a situation and gives gentle guidance.

I would recommend her sessions for anyone who is at a crossroad in life or is "stuck" and is having difficulty moving forward. She will help you tap into your inner knowing so you will be able to take the necessary next step.



Kathy Hopkins
Healer/Senior Management Adviser
Victoria, BC

Thank you so much for your work with my cousin and friend Teri of Armstrong. You helped her to leave this planet in peace and contentment.

Our whole extended family appreciates your flexibility in travelling and adjusting your plans to treat her in her last weeks and days.
Thank you for the beacon of love, light and hope you hold for us all.
You are appreciated more than you know.



PR Cryderman  
Kelowna, BC
Teacher/Business Owner/Parent

Visualization in the past had been a tough task for me. Marilee helped me
to see that I can actually create a reality for myself from within.

I can now look at circumstances and be involved in situations from a more detached position. I see things from a position of strength and don't bear them emotionally or personally. [This is still a process, but I'm getting much better at it.]

Marilee sensed my inner core strength and led me to rediscover my true self, after having much of my spirit eroded and damaged by people and circumstances I could not control.

Her faith and vision, her sense of my spirit brought me to meeting and seeing that personna once again. As well, her assurances around my divinity and purity of that spirit have given back to me the confidence, the courage I require to accomplish my goals and purposes at this time of my life.

Marilee came into my life for my purpose at a time when I was most in need of the inner guidance towards wholeness of my soul.




Jayde,  Healer/Fitness Trainer Edmonton AB/Kelowna, BC

I have been in treatment with Marilee for over a year now.   I came from a traumatic family environment which was repeating itself in my lifestyle. I had done some healing work on my own, but had come to a standstill in my progress. Before my treatments, I was confused, lost, untrusting, angry and in lots of physical and emotional pain. The processes and techniques used were unique and brought permanent, effective healing, change and growth.

The results were completely life-changing, improving my behavior by healing lingering phobias, fears, addiction patterns, unhealthy attachments to emotions, people and situations; and allowing effective application of loving and healthy new habits and perspectives.

In my relationships I've seen increased intimacy, gained valuable interpersonal skills, learned how to apply boundaries as well as communicate my needs maturity and successfully. My decision-making has also improved, as well as my capabilities in choosing healthier relationships and life choices. I‘ve finally settled into accepting myself, fallen in love with my life and establish a fulfilling career as a healer and a personal trainer.

Seeing results within my first treatment was an amazing feeling! And the versatility [in person or on the phone] of the appointments fit my lifestyle perfectly. Since each program is tailored to the individual, the result is a personal and exclusive growth experience. Marilee is a natural born healer and leader, a kind, fun and generous spirit, who goes the extra mile to make sure I receive the love, care, quality and attention that is needed.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who has personal, creative or professional obstacles they want to overcome, a desire to gain valuable problem-solving skills or more overall personal power.
This method is quick, permanent and successful no matter your age,
past history or issue. The results will be life changing and valuable.



David Ens   Falkland, BC         Writer/Farmer

This week I feel better.  I feel the other shoe has dropped, finally for the first time in my life the feeling of living in limbo is gone after just one session.  It's as if my life wasn't mine but now it is mine.  It's as if before I was living my life but I wasn't fully present.

I am more relaxed and able to take myself less seriously. I am aware of the many people and family members who are helping to support me. Its’ like I woke up, now I'm able not only to feel gratitude but also express gratitude.

I feel balanced. I am able to and still work at keeping calm especially when others tease me. I feel good with my home tidier now, I know I am an adult and can take care of myself. I am useful and needed on the family farm but now feel like I belong. I'm starting to feel happier, loved, content and worthy.



Helen Menyes          Artist/Healer/Mother  Kelowna, BC


I met Marilee and Duncan Goheen in the fall of 1996, they were living in Victoria and travelling here to Kelowna twice annually to teach non touch Pranic Healing.

This was my beginning of a journey into another realm of understanding. I came to understand we are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than human beings having a spiritual experience here on planet Earth.

It was as if a switch had gone off inside me. I was consumed with knowing more reading more and learning more. I took all five levels of Pranic Healing with Marilee and worked with her in the office, clinic and helped with classes.

I completed a three year practicum in her Kelowna clinic as well as completing exams to graduate [our Interior BC class of 10] as a licensed Associate Pranic Healer in 2000 in Victoria, BC at the International Pranic Healing Conference.

I completed over 100 documented healings [client condition must improve 90%+]       My documented healings covered all levels of illnesses; from incidentals such as cold, flu to broken bones, concussions, extreme allergies, to multiple illnesses of some people to advanced cancers. Some required multiple sessions.

Many people came to the clinic with life-threatening diseases, this usually occurred when doctors no longer knew what to do for them. Many regained there health completely; some had a better quality of life before they passed over.

This also led to helping families or friends cope with their loved ones’ passing. There were also many animals healed who were brought to the clinic.

Pranic Healing has evolved with me over the past 14 years, it is part of who I am,

I do treatments for those who cross my path, including my 88 years old Mum with colon cancer. She is happy, healthy, charging around in her energetic manner.

Marilee and Duncan worked for years to bring elegant, effective, transforming Pranic Healing to BC and Canada. They are very humble beings working for the good on our planet. I respect and appreciate their friendship and all they have given me over the years.    With deep respect and much love,     Helen Menyes




Catharine Goheen     Founder & President Dr. Specs Optical       Kelowna, Canada

International Rotary Project Evaluator

In 1996 Marilee Goheen became one of my pranic healers during my medical cancer protocols. I also attended her seminars which focused on healing thus I learned how to do self pranic healing to speed my healing process.
During these seminars and my treatments it was clear to me that Marilee possesses excellent listening and healing skills and was able to encourage me on my path to recovery.  She shares healing ideas, skills and concepts with classes of adults that assemble from varied backgrounds.  She has good people skills and projects empathy and respect in her interactions with everyone.

I am aware for many years Marilee was dedicated to international charities for third world poverty alleviation and economic development.   For the past ten years I travelled the globe to assist the poor with free eye exams, eye glasses and eye health as well as evaluating and improving wide ranging sustainable economic projects.

As time went on we became friends although we share the same last name we are not related.  From my experience Marilee has good skills in creating win-win situations.   She has an excellent relationship with her husband, family, siblings, extended family, as well as grandchildren; supporting them in all their endeavors. She is an enlightened, balanced and empowering healer, leader and nurturer.