Our Mission at the Global-Health Clinic

We help people realize and achieve their full potential on all levels - mind, body and spirit.

We see each person as an expression of light and love and help them see their own unique gifts. Wherever a person is on the path we assist them in taking their next step.  We offer  pathways to connect to their deepest self, essence.  People feel more balanced, loved, worthy, peaceful and powerful.

What clients say they like the best about us:

They feel safe,  secure, accepted and supported by  genuine care.
They know we are present and here for them, to help them realize their inner knowing and to fully know and trust their wisdom,  depth and strength.

They feel heard, listened to and they feel like we are able to really see and know them.
They feel accepted and whole -- that all parts of them are valued.
They appreciate a new vision of what their life experience is all about.
They are excited to have a new understanding of their feelings,  behaviors,  life mission and relationships.

Our clients are excited they are able to transform old patterns and find their peace, power and patience. They access their universal inner wisdom to assist them in the process of creating permanent higher potential patterns of behavior.

Individuals and groups learn how to connect and communicate with their authentic self when they need help with stress,  decisions,  challenge or change. Each session helps to understand more deeply their individual true meaning,  path and purpose on a higher level.

We use effective Pranic Healing TM and the “Law of Non-Locality” to scan the energy body at a distance.   Immediate feedback is given and with  further sessions the treatment includes re-scanning and a re-balancing of mental,  physical,  emotional & spiritual health.

We offer a series of gentle yet powerfully transformative sessions based on a holographic understanding of human consciousness.

As multi dimensional human beings we assist you  accessing many levels of reality. These realities  include  science, religion and spirituality which are grounded in openness, reverence, respect and gratitude.

We use holographic imagery to recognize, communicate with and transform negative behaviors, beliefs or patterns.  This is done in a supportive confidential setting in the comfort of your home with an on-line experience or personal in clinic sessions which enable you to relax and communicate openly.  Sessions can be fitted seamlessly into your life style.
We enjoy helping people grow, expand, move forward on their path and flourish.

We have effectively worked with individuals & groups for decades.