ReInventing Healthcare

by Duncan on March 10, 2012

ReInventing Healthcare Movement Launch

This is our launch pad.

We will start with three subcategories.

  1. Participation in the Design and implementation of the process and platorm
  2. Case Histories — Stories of Healthing & Illnessing
  3. Interactive Readers

This is set up in a blog format.

More details to come.



Did you know half of all pain sufferers worry their pain will increase?

Most people have resigned themselves to discomfort, stress and worry.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Whether you have been in pain for decades, newly injured or on the road to recovery…..

How would you like to discover the true key to a relaxed, centered, balanced, peaceful life.

Stop dabbling in systems and programs that do not work.
Join us for this call and learn the easiest way to deal with your pain.

We are so excited to share events that help so many………

Please join us for these exciting educational events

Dates. Times.
New date
Here is what you will walk away with:

• Understand the 8 reasons most people do not succeed with their pain.
• Knowing what is important and what is not.
• A simple time proven system of how to relax, let go and diminish stress.
• A strategy to assess and design your next steps.
• You’ll discover TONS of valuable information in the 90 minute training.

PLUS, You will receive 1.5 credits
from the Global Pain-Free Coaching Program

…“Seeing results within my first treatment was an amazing feeling! And the versatility [in person or on the phone] of the appointments fit my lifestyle perfectly”…

“…..Since each program is tailored to the individual, the result is a personal and exclusive growth experience. Marilee is a natural born healer and leader, a kind, fun and generous spirit, who goes the extra mile to make sure I receive the love, care, quality and attention that is needed……”

“……..Before my treatments, I was confused, lost, untrusting, angry and in lots of physical and emotional pain. The processes and techniques used were unique and brought permanent, effective healing, change and growth.

The results were completely life-changing, improving my behavior by healing lingering phobias, fears, addiction patterns, unhealthy attachments to emotions, people and situations; and allowing effective application of loving and healthy new habits and perspectives.” JCG age 27
Starting soon this online tele seminar event will feature the global pain clinic experts who have spent decades studying, proving and teaching the keys to a pain free, stress free, rich rewarding life.

Tune in…. as they discuss perceptions, beliefs, stress, pain, growth and transformations.

We have come across something remarkable, a series that can help you find the lightness, balance, health, alignment you have been seeking….

In these challenging times this program is inspiring many to discover new life for themselves. Imagine…this could be you.

All you have to do is register then get ready for the most amazing, inspiring and opening transformational ride of your life.

RECAP —–Here is how it works:

1. Go to this link and register.

2. Fill out the pain survey and enter to win a scan and consultation.

3. You may chose to experience effective subtle life-changing techniques,
dimensions, processes and skills.


It is no accident you are reading this…use it to join the transformation…
…from fear to trust………….your future beckons you.

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